How to Put Glass in Cabinet Doors

How to Put Glass in Cabinet Doors

Bored of your old cabinet doors? Add freshness to your kitchen with glass cabinet doors. It’s a simple DIY project, if you have the right tools, time, and experience, if not, worry not because this guide will teach you How to Put Glass in Cabinet Doors.

So, let’s add depth and style to your kitchen. Are you ready?  

Materials Needed to Add Glass in Cabinet:


  • Wood chisel

  • Circular saw

  • Straight edge

  • Screwdriver

  • Utility knife

  • Safety glasses


  • Glass or plexiglass (1/8-inch thick)

  • Glass fasteners

  • Silicone sealant

  • Cabinet doors

  • Painter’s tape

  • New hardware (as per your desire)

What Types of Glass can be Installed on Cabinets?

You can quickly and affordably upgrade the cabinet's doors with customized glass inserts available in different styles. You can select from the below-mentioned choices.


Highly durable and lightweight, it’s acrylic glass that easily installs in the cabinet doors and fits your budget. However, clean it with care as this delicate glass is prone to cracks and scratches.

Transparent Glass

It’s a fantastic choice for small kitchens and minimalist designs if you want to neatly display the crockery. However, be careful with cracks and dust.

Frosted Glass

Display colors and silhouettes while camouflaging the clutter. This opaque glass adds elegance to the kitchen interiors.

Seeded Glass

The wavy, bubbled appearance of the seeded glass perfectly complements traditional and vintage decors. However, this smokescreen can enhance the interiors of a modern kitchen design.

Textured Glass

Classic and simple patterns rendering tactile and visual appeal to cabinets make your kitchen elegant.

Decorative Glass Inserts

Tinted and stained options render artisanal and graceful appeal in vintage kitchen designs.

How Do You Put Glass in Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Step 1: Measure Your Cabinet Doors 

Once the hardware and cabinet are removed, use a straightedge to measure the area that will be filled with a glass panel. Mark the glass insert outline before measuring as you need to check if the cabinet is recessed or not. 

Recessed cabinets support a thick border which produces a recessed area from where the middle panel can be removed. The glass insert measurement must exactly match the recessed cabinet panel because the existing frame should remain intact.

Step 2: Mark Your Cabinet Doors 

For recessed cupboards, mark ½ inch from the inside border of the cabinet. If you have regular cabinets, measure the desired size of the glass panel size by using a straight edge, and cut it into shape as per marked specifications.

Step 3: Cut LEXAN Glass

Purchase a 1/8-inch-thick glass to cut it as per the size of the empty frame. Mark the measurements on the back of the glass. Use the utility knife to easily cut the glass along the straightedges. Once done, snap the cut glass shards to reveal the perfectly cut panel.

Step 4: Apply Silicone 

Now that you possess the impeccable glass panel, use the silicone sealant to attach it to the empty panel. Place the adhesive strip inside the cabinet and gently press the sealant into the frame. Wipe off excess silicone, else it would rub into the glass panel when you attach it.

Step 5: Insert LEXAN Glass

Carefully insert and press firmly your selected glass into the caulk frame. If the glass rattles use hot glue to fix it firmly. Wipe away excess silicone, and allow it to dry for 30 minutes. Using the hardware rehang the cabinet doors.  

Should You Buy New Glass Cabinet Doors or Modify Your Current Ones? 

You have two options from which you can decide. The first option is to purchase pre-fit cabinet doors, i.e., they are pre-cut to hold the glass inserts. Alternatively, you can cut the existing cabinet doors for installing glass. 

If you have the right tools and some experience then you can opt for the second option. Else it’s advised to approach a professional carpenter who can do the job neatly for you.

If you want to install brand new cabinet doors, then purchase the pre-cut doors from a seasoned shop specializing in them. They will provide you with all the materials including rubber stops for installation. 

Additional Tips for Glass Cabinet Door Inserts

Wood Trim for a finished look

Adding wooden trims along the glass edges easily hides the fasteners. You can use the silicone caulk on the rear of the cabinet door for attaching the glass edges to the wooden frame. It renders a refined appeal to your cabinets.   

Recessed panels

Cabinet doors may have a recessed area when the solid panel is removed. Thus, ensure the glass measures the exact size of the recessed cabinet frame. Apply the silicone caulk inside the recessed groove and press firmly. After 30 minutes carefully place the glass sheet and firmly press it to fasten it tightly to the caulk. 

Pros & Cons of Glass Kitchen Cabinets 

Wondering if glass kitchen cabinets are worth your money? To analyze if it’s worth investing, read below the advantages and disadvantages of this product.


  • Several options to select from, such as seeded glass, frosted glass, and transparent glass. Thus, you can easily find the choicest product that easily matches your kitchen décor.  

  • Glass is transparent or slightly opaque, hence you can easily find your crockery without rummaging in the cabinet.

  • The glass kitchen cabinet is waterproof and stain-resistant, hence easier to clean. 

  • The glass kitchen cabinet is designed to reflect and disperse light across the room, creating an open and well-ventilated illusion of space.


  • Keeping your crockery and things organized in the glass kitchen cabinet is essential, else it makes your kitchen look messy and emits the sense of poor housekeeping to anyone who visits your kitchen. 

  • Glass is a delicate product prone to breaking, and cracking, hence you need to be extra careful while opening and closing cabinet doors. 


Regardless of the appeal you want, glass inserts instantly add elegance to your vintage or modern kitchen design. It’s a budget-friendly DIY project that can be completed by a novice. By adding glass panels to the cabinet doors, your kitchen looks larger. By using this guide, you can easily achieve your goal!