Estimated Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Estimated Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Deciding on whether your kitchen cabinets doors need a replacement is a big decision in itself. If you feel that no fixation can work, then you should go for a replacement.

Many refused to do it because of cost and time when folks wanted to replace kitchen cabinet doors, while some simply bought it. If you’re wondering about the cost of upgrading kitchen cabinet doors, so read on. However, the average cost to replace cabinet doors can range from $2000 - $7000. It can be higher if you choose to add custom cabinet doors currently available. In addition, the choice of stock, glass cabinet doors, custom, labor, and DIY will influence the overall cost of replacing kitchen cabinet doors. However, size and material determine the cost. 

Regardless, there are many alternatives such as resurfacing, repainting, and refinishing that can help you save thousands of dollars in repairing kitchen cabinet doors. But, it will help you only when you have talent, tools, and time to do it yourself. 

Can You Just Replace The Cabinet Doors?

Yes, you can replace the cabinet doors. Replacing a cabinet is also known as cabinet refacing, which is a quick DIY project that most homeowner does on their own. Additionally, the best of replacing the kitchen cabinets door is cheaper than replacing the whole cabinet. Moreover, you can reuse the existing hardware for further use in households or savings. 

Why Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

If you’re considering replacing the kitchen cabinets, you would need to consider all the costs and efforts required for updating kitchen cabinets. This would definitely cost you higher. However, if you don’t have a sufficient amount, replacing/refacing doors is relatively inexpensive. In fact, it gives a new feel to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Here we bring you a detailed discussion on why replace the kitchen cabinet doors and the cost of the process.

Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinets Door

The average replacing cost of kitchen doors can range between $160 to $380 a linear foot. The custom options range from $700 to $1000 per foot. The combination of installation of custom style cabinet doors can range from $3200 to $8500.

The Cost of Labor

Hiring labor is the best move if you can’t do it yourself. With expert help, you do not need to worry about tackling the repairing project. However, if you are trying to do it yourself, you would need to start from the top, measure the cabinet to choose the material, etc. Hiring labor is easy, and if you’re working with professionals, your stress becomes negligible. 

Not only stress but your time and efforts will also save for replacing cabinet doors. The cabinet door replacement would take up to 2 or 3 hours to complete the work. It mainly includes:

  • Cabinet door removal
  • Measurement of new doors
  • Installation of new doors

The cost also includes the fee of contractor, planning, acquisition, equipment, material, and preparation. 

How much can it cost to upgrade the kitchen cabinet doors?

If you are thinking of replacing the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers of the full kitchen then, the cost can vary from $200 to $7000. But this can also not be the exact cost because most of your expenditure depends on the style of those that you choose with the quality and the cost of labor at your place. If you are looking for resurfacing or refurbishing of the kitchen cabinet doors then the cost can be a little lesser.

Kitchen cabinet door replacement 

For this process, you need to choose the doors that you want to install in your kitchen cabinet. There are custom doors facility available in the market where you can customize the kitchen cabinet doors as per your need.

Stock cabinet doors

The stock cabinet doors are available in different sizes in the market. You can choose the size that you want to install in your kitchen. The finish of the kitchen cabinet doors can also vary as per the materials you choose. 

Custom cabinet doors

The custom cabinet doors can be considered the best kitchen cabinet doors that you can go for. You can get the kitchen cabinet doors as per your requirement with the right styling, painting, finish, and material.

Custom DIY doors

These doors are the ones with the least cost. If you have a jigsaw, a Miter saw, or some router bits and a table saw, then you are good to go. Having these materials at home, you will only be payable of the labor charge. The cost per linear foot for these cabinet doors varies from $1.8- $6.5. If you choose wooden material then the cost can be a little more. 

Glass front kitchen cabinet door

These are the most expensive option amongst all the others in the market. But this option is less expensive than the premium wood material kitchen cabinet doors. The kitchen cabinet doors at your place can even look appealing if you go for special lighting in your kitchen. Glass doors are pure elegance. The cost of kitchen doors is from $150 to $300.

Door hardware

Door hardware is the additional expense that you are required to consider while installing cabinet doors for the kitchen. This includes the pulls, knobs, and Hinges. The cost of knobs and pulls can be $5 at max. And the other hardware like Hinges can cost up to $40 and not anything more.

The installation cost of the cabinet door

The process of installation of the kitchen cabinets door is quite a tedious job and requires some professionals who can do it impeccably without any imperfections. The labor cost for this process ranges from $150 to $200. The whole process is about the removal of the old house, reparation of the imperfections, adjusting door gaps, and setting up for the installation of the new cabinet doors. The professionals also have to clean the doors so that the gap is well maintained.

Additional Costs

Besides the cost of labor and material, you have to pay for some extra such as hinges, finishing products, and cleaning products. It doesn’t matter you are doing it yourself or working with professionals; these additional costs are needed to obtain the best output. Also, you should need care about the quality of the hardware. Thus, you should plan to spend around $30 per cabinet. Keep in mind it will be changed with the change in material price and labor costs. 

Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Installation Checklist

  • Always remember the price of cabinet doors replacement and installation is flexible, and each repair company has its price. 
  • Try to repair done in the off-season, such as fall and winters, since contactors are free and charge reasonably. 
  • Replacing a cabinet on your own is not easy so hiring an affordable technician is the best. In fact, it saves you from additional costs. 

Summing up 

Here is hoping that we could bring you ample of information about the why replace the kitchen cabinet doors and its costing. If you feel that your kitchen cabinets doors require a replacement, then you should not delay it.