How to Use Kitchen Cabinets Throughout Your House

Using kitchen cabinets throughout your home

How to Use Kitchen Cabinets Throughout Your House

Contrary to what you might think, kitchen cabinets work for more than cooking spaces. They offer extra storage space wherever they are installed!

Using kitchen cabinets for extra storage throughout your home can also be more affordable than investing in custom pieces. So, contractors can reduce costs, and buyers can enjoy the storage space they want. And from an interior design perspective, using the same or similar kitchen cabinets throughout a home creates a uniform look that can accommodate modern trends. 

Ways to Use Kitchen Cabinets in Your Home

In the kitchen, cabinets are essential for storing culinary supplies and various ingredients. However, they're also functional in other areas of your home, from bathrooms and laundry rooms to basements and bedrooms. With a smart approach to installation, there are tons of kitchen cabinet uses that offer a perfect storage solution in most areas of a home. 

Here are some of the best kitchen cabinet ideas for seamless storage throughout your home.


Extensive bathroom remodel projects can be pricey. Aside from the costs of tiling and purchasing new bathroom fixtures, installing vanities with ample storage space can be expensive. However, it's often not an expense homeowners want to forgo since vanities are essential for storing cleaning supplies, toiletries, towels and more. 

Instead of paying for a new or custom vanity that fits perfectly into the space, you can use kitchen cabinets as bathroom cabinets. You can place your new cabinets on the wall next to the sink or above your toilet, and you'll likely save quite a bit on your bathroom renovation project.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms need ample storage space for detergents, cleaning products and various toiletries. Many homeowners also like having countertops to separate and fold laundry. Without counter space and enough storage, laundry rooms can spiral into messy chaos quickly — especially if they double as entryways to the home and also keep coats and shoes. Kitchen cabinets can double as laundry room cabinets to keep the space organized and ensure everything has a place. 

White shaker kitchen cabinets are a sleek choice for laundry rooms, although you can also consider bolder colors to complement your home's interior style. 


Installing garage storage systems using heavy-duty steel components is often expensive. Instead, you could use kitchen cabinets to organize and store tools and other supplies. You could also use a combination of steel storage units and kitchen cabinets if you need heavy-duty garage storage. This is an especially practical solution if you use your garage as a functional workspace. 


Kitchen cabinets can also help cut the costs of basement renovations. Whether transforming your basement into a home gym area, an entertainment space, a mini apartment or a hobby center, custom cabinets will work well in all these remodel projects. 

Designs with pull-out drawers and trays help keep these spaces neat and tidy. With the right installation approach, you can create entertainment centers with space to store games, remotes and other tech. In-home gyms, cabinets can store gym equipment, and in hobby rooms, you can store your supplies.

Living Rooms

In living rooms, kitchen cabinets can help create entertainment centers to hold TVs and consoles or store entertainment tech. Beyond being a functional storage solution, they can also serve as additional seating. Installing low cabinets and replacing the tops with a cushioned fabric cover is a savvy way to add more seating in a living room. Inside, you can store blankets and pillows. You can also remove the doors to display photo frames and decorations on the shelves. 


When it comes to playrooms, storage space is essential for organization. Cabinets can store toys, blankets, books, games and other items to keep the space organized.  

Simplistic white designs are a top choice when using cabinets for a playroom. These match most interior designs, so you can redecorate the space when your kids grow up without investing in new storage. You can also freshen them up with a coat of acrylic paint to give the cabinets a makeover that suits the new interior design style.

Home Offices

A home office should have space to keep documents, equipment, stationary and other office-related things. These spaces would also benefit from ample countertop space to fit a laptop or desktop and all the other gadgets that make a home office functional. 

Kitchen cabinets being used in a home office

With kitchen cabinets, you can create a large desk with lots of storage space by installing a cabinet on either end of a wall, leaving enough space in the middle to fit an office chair. Then, install a countertop that spans from one cabinet to the other to create a desk. Cabinets with practical pull-out drawers are perfect for storing stationary, cables and tech gadgets, while shelving is great for organizing paper documents.

Collection Displays

Finding the right display furniture can be tricky, especially if you have a growing collection of display items. Kitchen cabinets offer a practical solution that's easy to expand. Switching out regular doors for glass doors can transform any cabinet into a display cabinet. Glass doors can protect your collectibles without hiding them away, and you can also install overhead cabinets to keep collectibles out of reach.

You can install display cabinets in any area of your home. The living room, entrance room or hallway, bedrooms and dining room are all great spaces to show off your prized collectibles.

Home Bars

A home bar can add substantial value to any home. Instead of having a custom home bar built, you can create one using kitchen cabinets. 

Install a cabinet, and opt for glass doors or open shelving to store beverages and glasses. You can also build a custom island with cabinets and add seating to complete your home bar area. 

Main and Kids' Bedrooms

In the main and kids' bedrooms, kitchen cabinets work well as fixed side tables, dresser units and for extra storage. Kids' bedrooms and playrooms are especially tricky to keep clean, but with a kitchen cabinet or two as extra storage, keeping rooms organized is easier. You can also use them for additional seating, similar to the idea in the living room section. 

Find Cabinets for Your Home From Panda Kitchen and Bath

Whether you want to install a storage system in a laundry room, garage or kids' playroom, kitchen cabinets offer a practical and cost-efficient solution. These cabinets can also help create modern display units, bedroom dressers, bathroom vanities, buffets and sideboards. 

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