Measuring your kitchen is perhaps the most important step in creating a successful kitchen design. PKB Cabinetry provides measuring services for those projects where Panda is selected as the installer for your kitchen cabinets.

This guide will provide the basic instructions for measuring your kitchen area. This will allow our Sales/Design Department to provide you with an estimate of the costs associated with your kitchen project.


Start with the first wall on the left and work to your right around the room. First measure the overall length of each wall in your kitchen. First at the top (measurement “A”) and then along the middle of the same wall (measurement “B”). Also measure Distance from the floor to the ceiling. Indicate all breaks in wall (windows, doors, closets) by measuring from the corner to The outside edge of the molding. Don’t forget to indicate any permanent appliances, air vents, offsets, etc. Measure to the center line of the plumbing, ducting and outlets.

Compare measurement “A” against the total of measurements “B” – they should match. Measure the height of your refrigerator – a tall refrigerator may prevent installing a kitchen cabinet directly above it.

Record these measurements and place on this form. Once completed you can bring this form to our showroom for a written estimate from our Sales/Design Representatives or fax it to us at (305) 639-6020. If you should fax it we will prepare a written estimate and submit it for your review and consideration




Measuring tape


Take your time and record measurements properly.
Measure everything twice.


Round off each measurement to the nearest 1/8”