8 Factors Affecting the Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

8 Factors Affecting the Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a huge task that consumes a lot of money and time. Anyone planning to remodel their kitchen should think in advance about the expenses and duration. If they plan complete remodeling, then it is as good as installing a new kitchen in the house. This demands a considerable budget, which should be planned and arranged in advance to finish the revamping project without any hassles. 

Top 8 Factors that Directly Affect Kitchen Modeling Expenses

1. The Type and Trend of Kitchen

The first thing is to figure out what exactly you want in the kitchen. It could be some latest trends that you want to incorporate or some vintage features that may suit the kitchen. Someone who likes a compact kitchen and needs little cooking can easily fulfill the remodeling requirements and cost. Those who want an up-to-date kitchen fitted with modern appliances, gadgets, and chef-level countertops, need to spend more. The budget depends on what kind of kitchen you want. So, sit up and chart that down. 

2. Flooring Cost Is a Major Expense

If you want to redo the flooring part and cover the entire kitchen, then be ready to stretch the budget. Anything from marble floor tiles to vinyl planks will create an awesome-looking kitchen. The prices may vary per square feet area and turn out to eat up a big chunk of the budget. Add flooring labor cost to this as well. Make sure that flooring covers the area underneath the cabinetry. This gives resale value in the future so, do chart out an elaborate flooring plan and budget it accordingly. 

3. Altering the size and configuration of the kitchen

Finances need to be calculated as per the remodeling work to be done. There are majorly three categories of kitchen remodeling: 

*No modification in kitchen’s size & configuration

    In this case, the wall dimensions and floor size of the kitchen remain the same. The project does not involve changing the countertops, plumbing areas, lighting, etc. This does not give rise to elaborate remodeling and only requires minor yet constructive changes. This kind of kitchen revamping will be easy on the pocket. 

    *Modifying the configuration only, not the size 

      It is a remodeling project when an owner decides to change the wirings and plumbing pipes, but not the size of the kitchen. In such situations, walls are drilled to fix the electrical wirings and gas pipes. They need to be refilled to create fresh-looking walls. So, if there are any configurational changes, they add to the cost. 

      *Changing both the structure and configuration

        If the owner decides to extend the kitchen or break a wall to create more space or flooring extension, then it needs a higher budget. As remodeling of the kitchen requires structural and configurational alterations, the budget will get overextended. 

        However, if the kitchen is quite old with poor utility then making these changes will prove to be a wise investment. 

        4. Your Choice of Contractor Will Define Your Budget

        The contractor is the main resource you choose for the kitchen refurbishing project. If you opt for an experienced contractor with a reputation in the market, then you have to pay a hefty fee. Conventional contractors will not include the cost of material and architectural elements, which should be paid by you. Rather, a design-build remodeler will include all costs like that associated with designers, warehouses, managers, sub-contractors, etc. This will cost a slightly more fee but will reduce the amount of coordination you need to do in order to manage separate resources and teams. Choosing such a contractor minimizes stressful conditions before, during, and after the whole remodeling project. 

        5. The Type of Cabinetry 

        Well, a kitchen is incomplete without cabinets as they are the best structures to create space and organize the kitchen. Your budget will be affected by the type of elaborate cabinet sizes, designs, color, and personalization involved. When you want a kitchen filled with cabinets, it will demand a sizeable budget. Again, the cost of individual cabinets when multiplied by the total number will impact the budget. Therefore, cabinetry will be a major cost in remodeling a kitchen. A small kitchen with less number of cabinets will need less time and money while extensive cabinets in a sizeable kitchen will blow up the monetary aspects. 

        6. The Countertop Could Be a Big Factor

        The material and square feet area of the kitchen countertop plays a big role in the budget. Natural stones are more expensive than engineered materials like quartz. Natural stones like marbles and granite differ in price based on their thickness, grade, and color. Others like quartz come with binding agents, which affect the price. Those with a low ratio of quartz and binding agent charge lower than the premium grade version with a higher ratio of quartz and binding agent. The price of high-quality quartz is almost equivalent to that of marble and granite. Quartz is considered trendy and in fashion due to its modish appeal. 

        7. Cost of Kitchen Appliances

        If the kitchen needs new appliances, then the sum total of all appliances will be added to the remodeling cost. Moreover, installing them, wiring them, and fixing any loopholes may add to the cost. Be it dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, toasters, grill ovens, and more, everything needs to be calculated in the actual cost of remodeling the kitchen. So, decide upon this aspect beforehand. Appliances in good working condition should not be replaced with new ones, to cut down the cost. 

        8. The Cost of Lighting & Décor Fixtures

        Lighting cost will depend on the number of bulbs, LEDs, and pendant lights required in the kitchen. It is not as huge as the flooring cost but must be counted to calculate the exact budget. There would be an additional cost for items that are used for ornamenting the kitchen. Plus, kitchen automation costs should be added. 


        To sum up, there is a lot to consider before remodeling a kitchen. Count all the costs along with the preferences in the kitchen. Remember, a kitchen creates everyday memories so, make it worth spending time in. Kitchen remodeling will bring to life new energy, design, and freshness in the cooking space. So, it is definitely a good investment. 

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