What is the Average Cost of Kitchen Countertops?

What is the Average Cost of Kitchen Countertops?

How Much Do Countertops Cost?

The kitchen is considered the center point of attraction in your home, and you need to make sure it always adds to the overall appearance of your home. So if you are considering building a new one or remodeling the existing one - countertops are the unforgettable thing in the kitchen. 

But, finding a countertop that fulfills your needs and is suitable for your kitchen within a specific budget could be a time-consuming and daunting task. 

Counters for your kitchen can be really expensive, and prices will vary as per the type of countertop you will choose! So, before taking the final decision, it is advisable to conduct a thorough research about the pricing before finalizing any particular countertop. 

According to a Home Advisor, "on average, it costs around $1,900 - $4,400 for whole platform OR $20 - $150 per sq. foot to install a new countertop for your kitchen. But this average cost can also reach up to $8,000 depending on the materials."

In this article, we will cover different types of countertops with their approximate price range to better guide you. Let's get started! 

Consider All Possible Countertop Costs

It is challenging to estimate the cost of a stone countertop. The cost of kitchen countertops may vary depending on a number of uncontrollable factors.

As soon as you walk into the store to make a purchase, you'll be surrounded by a variety of kitchen countertops. However, even though the price initially seems reasonable to you, there may be additional fees that you are unaware of! 

Are You One Of Them?

If your answer is YES, then here's the answer to your questions: it's because the price which is displayed or the one you're told isn't the total price, i.e. it doesn't include maintenance, installation charges, and spare parts which come with the countertop. 

These prices are displayed without taking 'other charges', making them cheap. 

After considering all kinds of charges, including 'hidden charges', the final price will be increased drastically. 

Most of the time, these Big Box Stores don't include fabrication and templating, and would charge you extra for that. Moreover, purchasing a countertop from stores just for the sake of their price will restrict you from even considering the alternatives of templates and fabrication. 

How Much Do Kitchen Countertops Cost?

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz countertops fall under the category of 'the most popular countertops' considering the material used to build them and the overall appearance it adds to your kitchen. Quartz countertops are always a good choice, whether you want to increase the value of your house or are just looking to modernize it.

Since it is prepared as per your needs & wants, you get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colors. These sorts of countertops are fully customizable, and there are quite a few chances of its damage during the installation. The cost per sq. foot begins at $100 and goes as high as $150.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble countertops are considered an example of luxury. This stone is available in a wide range of colors and designs. Even though it is supple as compared to other stones, its temperature stays low, and it is heat resistant. 

Marble is delicate in nature, and because of that, it gets scratched or chips easily. Unless it is sealed appropriately, it will also get stains. 

Contrary to minor cons, this astonishing stone has numerous pros, making it the most expensive material for making a countertop. Marble countertops usually cost $125 to $250 per sq. foot.

Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Homeowners who want to make their kitchen look stylish and do not even want to end up overspending usually opt for caminate countertops. Their maintenance is also easy and cheap, as compared to other countertops. An individual can install these countertops without taking professional support. 

It might not provide your kitchen with a striking look compared to other types of countertops, but it indeed provides an easy-to-clean surface for pre-existing countertops while also helping make them look clean and new. The cost per sq. foot begins at as low as $8 and reaches up to $30

Granite Kitchen Countertops

According to the viewpoint of Houzz, graphite countertops fall to second place when it comes to the most preferred options. They're elegant & stylish according to people's perspectives. This eye-catchy material for your kitchen countertop helps increase the property's value. 

Identical to 'marble countertops', this countertop is also heat-resistant. In addition to that, this one is scratch-proof too. Though, this material is also a bit expensive as it is a natural stone. But if you seal it properly after the installation and properly clean them, granite countertops will last for years.

The starting price per sq foot for it is $50, which reaches up to $200.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Concrete might be unattractive for a particular group of people who are looking for eye-catchy countertops with modern looks. Nevertheless, concrete countertops come in various colors and signs, which might appeal to several people. These types of countertops are heat-proof and pretty difficult to damage. 

One of the biggest pros of these sorts of countertops is that there are no restrictions regarding customization.

In addition to that, it is one of the most durable materials in the world. When countertops are made with this material, they are exceptionally lightweight, strong, and durable. Its cost begins at $70 per square foot.

Soapstone Kitchen Countertops

The main reason many people prefer this countertop is that it prevents bacterial growth. It is also heat-resistant and doesn't require sealing to protect and avoid stains. In addition to these advantages, it is also one of the most appealing countertops. 

As it is a naturally occurring material, there is no need to use chemicals in its manufacturing, due to which it is environment friendly as well. People get confused by looking at it cause it looks smooth and fragile, which makes people think, 'what if it gets damaged easily? But don't worry! This material is quite durable and will not get damaged easily. 

It costs somewhere between $70 to $120 per square foot.

Dekton Kitchen Countertops

Dekton is made up of a natural stone known as Sintered Stone. It is prepared from a combination of materials used to prepare Quartz Countertops, Porcelain Countertops, and Glass.

All three types of Dekton kitchen countertops—porcelain, glass, and quartz—are offered in a wide range of design patterns, finishes, and more than 40 different colors.

The extreme durability of Dekton is well known throughout the world. Dekton has the best heat, scratch, and stain resistance of any countertop material on this list.

They are not inexpensive countertop options by any means, but if you want a long-lasting, sturdy kitchen exterior, Dekton is the way to go.

These countertops can reach up to a maximum amount of $115/sq foot, and the lowest price per square foot is $55

Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

This category of kitchen countertops provides your kitchen and house with natural grain and shades of wood, enhancing the looks of your kitchen. 

Any type of wood, craftsmanship and modern technology are essential requirements to prepare this kind of Countertops. One of the highlights of these countertops is that it is also easy to install and humidity-resistant. 

This countertop's top layer is made up of wood with the help of modern-era technology to add to the robustness and quality of the countertop. The ratio of wood used in its preparation makes it more durable and less likely to get cracks and increases its stability. 

The beauty of these countertops remains unchanged for several years as different types of wood and tree species, such as oak, birch, ash, etc., are used in their preparation. 

The cost of block butcher countertops varies as per the tree species and thickness selection. Nevertheless, a minimum of $35 is required for a foot, which exceeds and reaches up to $200 per sq foot.

To Wrap It Up

Planning your kitchen renovation will help you cut costs and the associated complications, whether you're updating your kitchen countertop for your own convenience or implementing changes to get a superior return on your investment. (ROI).

So, here we are wrapping up the blog about the top 8 kitchen countertops material that you must be aware of, along with their features and pricing. You can choose the ideal fit based on the pricing, your requirements, features, and other things around. 

If you are looking for better guidance or witness a variety of kitchen countertops, connect with the leading provider who will help you out in choosing the ideal one, along with best-in-class services.