How to Install a Bathroom Countertop

How to Install a Bathroom Countertop

Bathroom countertops can bring a new look to the bathroom. Hence, when you are moving into your new house, amidst all the chaos, do not forget to reinstall the new bathroom countertop. Installing a bathroom countertop is equally important as all the other tasks.

Steps for Installing a Bathroom Countertop

1. Run the Caulk Along the Edges

When you choose the granite countertop, the first thing that you need to note is the granite is prefabricated and is cut accurately. This saves much of your labor cost. After this, the very next step is to run a silicon caulk throughout the edge of the place where you have decided to install your bathroom countertop.

2. Place the Slap

Place the slap exactly in a position where you decided to fit it in. if you end up messing up with the positioning, then you might not be satisfied with your work later on. This second step you must do carefully. Make sure you're not harming the mounted sink while placing the slabs.

3. Place the Backsplash

Your countertop is not functional if you don’t place a backsplash with it. All you need to do is pour in three dollops of the silicone caulk and then gently and carefully place the backsplash in the right place. The positioning requires all your attention.

4. Seal with the Calk

The last step is sealing the caulk. Complete the installation of the bathroom countertop by sealing it with caulk so that it has a stronghold and the bathroom countertop becomes stable.

What Is the Estimated Cost of Installing a Bathroom Countertop?

The countertop installation can cost you between $2,000 - $3,000 depending on the work. Most homeowners pay per square foot. Even the laborers charge money per square foot. Above all, there are expenses like purchasing materials and majorly the countertop, which might range from $15 - $70 depending on the length of the countertop.

The largest portion of the expense would always be the cost of materials and the charge of labor. But some additional expenses include removal of the old countertop, plumbing fixture before and after the replacement of the bathroom countertops, polishing, cabinet preparation, shaping, sealing, etc.


These are the ways with the help of which you can install a new bathroom cabinet at your place without the help of the service providers. But if you feel that you are not a DIY or a handy person, then you always have the option to reach out to the service providers and get your work done.