How to Clean a Bathroom Sink

How to Clean a Bathroom Sink

It must be admitted, the bathroom sink can get dirty very quickly. It is suggested you follow these tips and you will see that this constraint will quickly turn into a party of pleasure (or almost).

Tips for Cleaning Bathroom Sinks

Use the Sponge Trick

First off, if you want to keep dirt and lime from settling in the sink, go for the sponge trick. The principle? Leave a sponge near the sink and after each use of the sink, wipe the sponge on the wall—the goal: to remove drops of water and dirt to prevent the scale from becoming encrusted.

Find the Right Products

Second, the more your bathroom sink is cleaned with the right products; you will have to do this chore less often. For this, we advise you to wash the sink with white vinegar. This 100% natural product has descaling and disinfecting properties and allows even the most minor surface to shine.

It is also recommended to pour a few teaspoons of baking soda into the sink before adding white vinegar on top. You will be able to admire a chemical reaction. Then scrub the sink before rinsing it with clean water. You will see the result will be stunning.

Whitewash Your Sink

In an enormous container, pour two large cups of hot water, half a cup of ammonia, and three tablespoons of baking soda. Mix everything. Then soak a sponge in the preparation and scrub the sink. You will see, it will shine brilliantly!

Tips for a Healthy and Clean Bathroom

In general, if you want to have a healthy and always clean bathroom, you can follow a few tips. For example, you can place depolluting plants in this room that absorb bacteria and provide a healthy atmosphere. It is also possible to organize your bathroom so that there is as little clutter as possible.

Bet On Storage

The first step to follow is to fill your bathroom with practical storage—for example, drawer organizers, glass jars for accessories, or toothbrushes.

Roll Up Your Towels

The second step is to organize the bath textile like the towels. You can roll them up and store them on top of each other in your closet. This saves space, and in addition, it is pretty. You can also roll up your towels and store them in a wicker basket for cozy décor.

Install Storage Containers

Finally, make the most of the space you can with containers. For example: install storage behind the doors of your cupboards; there are some very practical to install without nails or screws. We, therefore, bet that you will find what you are looking for.


A bathroom is an essential part of our house; mostly, all the guests that arrive at our home go to the bathroom, so it is critical to keep the toilet and bathroom sink clean, not only for them but for our well-being and hygiene.