How to Assemble an RTA Wall Cabinet

How to Assemble an RTA Wall Cabinet

RTA Wall Cabinet Assembly Guide & Video

What Materials & Tools Do You Need?

RTA Wall Cabinet Assembly Materials

Included Cabinet Assembly Materials:

  • (1) Right Side Panel
  • (1) Left Side Panel
  • (1) Bottom Panel
  • (1) Top Panel
  • (1) Back Panel
  • (2) Shelves
  • (1) Door

Additional Included Materials:

  • (2) Soft-Close Hinges
  • (2) Door Bumpers
  • (8) Shelf Support Clips

Assembly Tools (Not Included)

  • (1) Drill
  • (1) Rubber Mallet
  • (1) Screwdriver
  • (9) 1-¼” Flat Head Wood Screws

 Wall Cabinet Assembly Instructions & Steps

*Before assembly, examine all product pieces to ensure no contents are missing or damaged.

1. Lay one of the side panels flat with the shelf holes facing upwards.

RTA wall cabinet side panel with the shelf holes facing outwards

2. Using the wooden dowels, attach the top and bottom panels to one of the sides.

  • Ensure that all finished surfaces are facing the correct direction.

Wall cabinetry side and top/bottom panels attached

3. Slide the back panel with the finished side facing forward, then attach the other side panel.

RTA wall cabinet being assembled with a back panel installed

  • Use a rubber mallet to gently secure the pieces together.

PKB wall shaker cabinet being assembled with a mallet

4. (Recommended) To create additional support, screw in the 1 1/4" flat head wood screws on each corner of the side panels. 

  • *Note: 1 1/4" flat head wood screws are not included

Once completed, carefully flip the cabinet to the opposite side and repeat Steps 3 - 4.

Automatic drill screwing in 1 1/4" flat head wood screws into an RTA wall cabinet

5. Lay the cabinet doors flat with the hinge holes facing up.

  • Use the rubber mallet to attach both door bumpers.

A rubber mallet being used to attach door bumpers onto an RTA shaker wall cabinet

  • Then use the screws to install the soft-close hinges into the pre-drilled holes.
  • Ensure that the cabinet will be swinging in your desired direction once attached to the base.

Drill being used to attach soft-close hinges to an RTA wall shaker cabinet

6. Now we'll be attaching the door to the cabinet. Attach the top hinge to the base by screwing in the top and bottom screws.

  • Repeat this same process on the bottom hinge.

A PKB Cabinetry White Shaker RTA Wall Cabinet with the door and base connected

An automatic drill attaching the top hinge of an RTA shaker door to the cabinet base

  • Next, align the door by screwing an adjustable screw into the center hole of the top hinge.
  • Repeat this same process on the bottom hinge.

Screwing in adjustable screws to the center of hinges on an RTA White Shaker Wall Cabinet

7. Finally, we'll install the shelves.

  • Push the shelf pins into holes at the level of your desired height, then slide the shelves into the cabinet resting on the top of the clips.

Shelves being installed into a white shaker RTA wall cabinet

Now you're PKB Cabinetry wall cabinet is ready to be installed for your project or home redesign!

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