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Our White Shaker cabinet is our most popular product for good reason. These white ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets feature simple, clean lines and a beautiful white finish that will suit any setting. Easy to assemble and install, these fixtures provide the perfect high-quality storage solution in no time.

Designed for Convenience

If you plan a custom kitchen but lack the time or specialization to build the cabinets from scratch, RTA White Shaker kitchen cabinets are ideal for your project. Easily install these sturdy and durable cabinets to create a system that will last for years. 

Always in Stock and Ready to Ship

You have a space to furnish, and our products are here to help.

Easily create the perfect kitchen or bathroom exactly when you need it with ready-to-assemble fixtures. We keep these cabinets in stock and ready for immediate shipment so that you can create a beautiful space without extended lead times. 

Match Any Style

White Shaker cabinets are the way to go if you're looking for a cabinet style that can complement any kitchen or home decor. These cabinets have a classic look that will never go out of style. These cabinets seamlessly incorporate clean lines and a simple design into any kitchen or home decorating style. These versatile style elements make these fixtures excellent storage solutions for spaces with eclectic flair or more traditional rooms.

Timeless Design

When aiming for a timeless design that will calm and brighten a kitchen, look no further than these white wood cabinets. Modern White Shaker kitchen cabinets contribute to a clean, inviting aesthetic. Simple and easy-to-maintain cabinets blend seamlessly with modern appliances and fixtures, so they'll never look out of place or outdated. 

Options Available

White Wood Shaker cabinets come in multiple styles to balance the look and function of your home. Our base cabinets are available in various sizes, allowing you to create the perfect amount of storage for any space. The wall cabinets are ideal for storing dishware and small appliances like coffee makers and blenders. 

See Savings on High-Quality White Shaker Cabinets

Whether you purchase White Shaker cabinets for your inventory or to complete a specific project, you want the best value for your investment. Panda Kitchen and Bath offers the best wholesale and resale rates. When you choose us as your cabinet supplier, you'll receive high-quality, cheap White Shaker cabinets that combine cost-efficiency and functionality. Order your white shaker cabinets today and transform your home's kitchen or cabinet supply!

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